MTS overview

In cooperation with the engineers of Sweden, Germany and several other leading EU industrial countries, Environmental Investment Centre (EIC) and EU Structural Fund, a Mobile Technological Handling Station (hereinafter MTS) of liquid/pumpable oil-containing waste based on new innovative technological set and energy saving solutions for optimum handling of oil-containing waste was completed in 2011.

MTS technology substitutes the primitive sedimentation processes of oil-containing waste still used by different operators with a complex where such waste is handled in a so-called closed system. “Oil-containing water” is a hazardous waste that contains oil and molecularly linked oily emulsions, water and molecularly linked water content emulsion and sediments (oil-containing mud and sand). Such waste is stated in the EU waste directive list under codes 13 01—13 05 and 16-07, hereinafter referred to also as Input. MTS enables optimum handling of input waste; waste is cleaned and recycled without involving additional handing processes. If compared towards waste handling based on centrifugal technology of earlier generations, a new and innovative level has been reached considering several aspects of the technological set of MTS. The treatment process yields a 100% recoverable REACH certified oil component.

The advantages of MTS:

  • advanced technology makes it possible to successfully handle water and oil mixtures of extremely diverse and complex composition and their emulsions, which other existing handling processes have not been able to cope with;
  • the technology makes it possible to handle the mixture of waste oils and water generated in the course of various economic activities where the product obtained (hydrocarbons or technological mixture of carbohydrates) is recycled. The result of the existing handling processes is still waste, as the output’s stability and quality are impossible to achieve;
  • the technological process of MTS makes it possible to accept and safely handle large quantities of oil spills generated during the liquidation of marine pollution. The volume of productivity can be tripled without any technological rearrangements. All other handling and production processes are incapable of such preparedness;
  • the technical process of MTS involves thorough cleaning of waste oils where the obtained product complies with many crude oil indicators in terms of carbohydrate content, which makes the activity economically positive;
  • MTS installation and equipment as a whole complies with EU standards and the highest technical safety requirements;
  • chemical modification, distillation or chemical reactions are not used for reprocessing waste oils in the technological process of MTS. The product of MTS is a mixture of substances that can be handled and is obtained by a process of thermo-mechanical cleaning. The handling process is therefore natural and environmentally friendly.